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The Bob
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My 87 300d is for sale.

I am sorry to admit but I am going to buy a bmw.

I am getting a 87 325i so the 87 300d has to go.

It is a shame as I will miss posting on this board about my adventures in automotive misachievments.

Here are the detials on the 87 300d

Just had the transmission resealed because of a front seal leak
Brand new turbo and full exhaust from MB
New Nisssens radiator
New vacuum pump
New water pump
New thermostat with housing
New brakes front and rear
New glow plugs
Fixed the oil leak from the injection pump (PITA)
CD player
Replaced boost pressure sensor
Replaced the crossover valves
replaced the plastic pressure lines
replaced all the rubber vacuum lines
New fuel filters

This car runs great. I would trust it to run for another 200K.

I am selling it because I am scaling down in cars and I crave a car that may be a little more fun to drive. I dont drive as much as I used to as I commute to work it about 2 miles now.

I want all to know that if you are interested in this car I will not neglect to tell you any and all info about the car that I am aware of. I am a maintenance freak and anyone who buys my used cars are not inheriting any problems, usually just the opposite. I will be able to post pics in the middle of next week. I will be putting it in the paper this week also and possibly auto trader.

This car is a great car and I got it very far along to being superb.

Please feel free to email me at for more details or to arrange any meetings. I live in McHenry IL about 60 miles north of chicago.

Thanks for all of your help and support over the years. I hope that someone from the forum buys the car.

I am asking 5000 dollars.


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