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Yep, had the same headache when I tried the Mintex pads. Turns out that our cars use the same pads as the later 124 e320's here in the US, but different ones in Europe. I originally tried the two numbers you quoted. No go on either. Ended up with MDB1724 in the front, and MDB1565D in the rear. Fit just fine. They had less dust than the factory pads, but would gum up the rotors, or glaze or something. I remember that I would have to replace them before their useful life was up, and had to periodically replace the anti-squeal stuff.

Before that, I tried the EBC pads. Squealed like a UPS truck!

Lately, I have been using PBR/AXXIS/Repco pads. The deluxe really worked the best, I see now that they have a deluxe "plus" or something, that I might try in the future. Right now, I have the Metalmaster in the above brand with ATE powerdisc rotors. Great braking power, but they roar a bit, and also get gummed up or glazed leaving a less than smooth brake action at low speeds.

Good luck! Where are you going to source these?

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