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Dear David
I am assuming you are referring to the C280. You must understand that either of your codes are very important and both can cause a check engine light. Our 1995 HFM-SFI 104 engine have a small problem with deteriorating engine harnesses so be very cautious. A Code PO300 or Its corresponding cylinder lets say #2 PO302 can be very damaging to the catatlyst. You should find someone with a scanner and look at the actual values of the firing voltages. Look at the wiring by peeling back some insulation at the coils primary connector and you will be suprise. Os1 (front O2 sensor ) is located in the exhaust pipe in front of the catalyst and usually there is a probe (looks like an O2 sensor) in the rear of the catalyst to test catalyst efficiency. Parts replacing is not a good practice so get some help with a scanner, pull codes and fix the problem at its source and you will be much happier. Well, just got a post on our site to answer so got to go. Good Luck
Tech 1

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