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Thanks. The console lights all work now. Turns out the light in the center of the octopus was out of position. I changed the bulb anyway.

I changed out the instrument lights too. However, when I dropped the under dash panel a twisted pair of wires fell down , unattached at one end. The other end of the red/blue pair heads behind the climate control. I think it wires may switch the overhead light in the front because it's not working any more but I may have it too dim also. Should the brake idiot light illuminate when the parking brake is on? Mine doesn't. My greater concern is to know if I can trust the brake pad wear circuit or if I should be checking the wear myself.

While under the dash I disconnected the buzzer. I found it annoying as a regular seat belt user to be told to buckle while waiting for the glow plugs to warm. I'm hoping the only thing I disconnected was the buzzer.

Answers to my own questions: The wires went to the parking brake sensor. I say went because the effort to reconnect them appears to be more than the usefulness of the idiot light. The easiest access may be by removing the fender. The buzzer that I unplugged also contains the timing circuit for the dome light. I now have both the light and the buzzer .

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