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Will 83 500 SEL wheels fit on an 83 SL?

While wandering the earth from junkyard to junkyard in search of various dodads and widgets for my 1983 280SL, I came across a 1983 500 SEL, a magnifcent behemouth forgotten against the far back fence of a huge Houston junkyard, finding its final resting place beneath an enormous oak. The car still has magnificent set of original curb-rash free 15" alloy wheels which I think will be perfect once the tree sap is removed. Does anyone out there know if these will fit on my SL or how I can make them fit without compromising the car in anyway? If it helps, the tires mounted on the wheels of the 500 are p215/65/R15. My SL currently has the common 14"x7" rims found on most early to mid 80s SLs.

Thanks in advance!

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