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re:euro lights


hey buddy i went for the bosch euros. they [to me at least] are the best money i have ever spent on any car. i know that's a big statement, but it's true.

you said you were disapointed in your clear corners from in-pro [so was i]. don't put yourself through that again.
you will not be disapointed with either bosch or hella ones.

i agree with [the experienced euro light man] jce, if the guy is "ashamed" of his product run like hell bro!

imho it's too big of an upgrade/investment to not know for sure what you'll get.
it will be worth every penny you spend the first night yoy crank 'em up.

i am not a tech or mb mechanic but i am experienced here.
look at my postings,most on on euro lights.
and or do a search on "euro lights" and judge from all the different peoples comments yourself.

good luck
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