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My boss was in town today to go over my budget for the year and boy what a day it was! Anyway he told me he has an 88' 260e in the garage that has not moved in 6 mos due to his tranny going out. I never even knew he had one! He has a company car and that is why he isn't to concerned about spending the cash to get it going until recently. The symptoms are nothing happens when he moves the lever to D,2,or L. It does go into reverse! He says there is no apparent noises or anything when trying to put in drive. The car has 140k and he had the tranny rebuilt about 2 yrs ago. The woman he bought it from pulled a camper with the car abd that is why it was rebuilt. Go figure! His mechanic said it would need another rebuild for about $3k! He does not really want to spend that much and is considering selling for $1K. I might consider it if you guys think there might be a less expensive fix! Oh boy 5 cars. Hmmm.

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