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I have a 1995 C280 and I just had a 4-wheel alignment done, and the tech (while under the car) said that my power steering hoses were worn or leaking ever so slightly, but it shouldn'e be a problem that has to be fixed imminently because I just had fluid refilled and its okay since reservoir has plenty of fluid in it - anyhow is this a cheap DIYER that I could do myself - although it's hard to crawl under the car now since its been lowered. Anyhow, I would appreciate some adivce/comments on this issue and the best place/cheapeast place to get the part. Also, its leaking oil somehwere and its dripping off an "alternator-looking" device located in the right front area of the engine bay - what I mean to say is that an oily residue is leaking off this (real slowly though) silverly alternator looking device thats located northwest of the right front wheel - they said its may be leaking up in the engine bay - any idea as to where the oil may actually be leaking from - the car has 77000 miles on it and just had the oil changed as well as all the fluids in December. Please advise on both these issues.

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