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I have a 1988 300E that has developed a serious hesitation problem quite suddenly about a year ago. Wnenever the car comes to a complete standstill in traffic or at the lights it has no response when initially trying to accelerate away. It feels like it completely lacks power at this stage. If the accelerator is held down steadily (but not all the way) for about 5 secs the car just crawls away and feels rough, the transmission will then suddenly kick down and the car will accelerate away very fast and hard. Ihave a very good tech. who has changed plugs, leads, resistors and had the injectors checked. I am reluctant to change the injectors just on chance particularly since the car seems to go so well once it is up and running. The only unusual thing so far seems to be that every time my tech. has checked the car he has had to re-adjust the air mixture. For a very short time after this it seems to run very well but the problem re-appears. I have also noticed a few minor vacuum leaks around my aircon, fan and headlight adjuster. I would be grateful for any suggestions or feedback from anyone else who has experienced this problem. It has now gotten a bit dangerous when taking off from a standstill at an intersection as we do not know if the engine will suddenly die on me or not. Its so bad my wife prefers to drive our Ford Falcon. Please help!!!!!

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