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Is this a rhetorical question?

You did not say that your cam timing is off, you are asking what would happen if it were off by ten degrees, is that correct?

If it's off by ten degrees, and the car has not been recently apart, most likely there is a severe and alarming amount of timing chain stretch. This would result in lower compression and a sluggish running engine. And would probably eventually result in a "hand grenaded" engine.

Timing chain stretch would result in a retarded camshaft. This means that when you turn the engine, on the compression stroke, to the TDC mark, the camshaft would not yet be to the point where it should be at TDC.

In the case of ten degrees advanced, the camshaft would reach this position before TDC. In this case you very well could be experiencing valve to piston contact. Not a good thing.

The injection pump is timed separately. You could have a stretched timing chain and still be able to time the pump correctly with relation to the crankshaft. If the chain has indeed stretched, the pump timing would be retarded, but not quite as much as the camshaft, because there are fewer links of the chain between the pump and the crankshaft, than there are between the cam and the crankshaft.

Have you already checked this, or what is your situation?

Good luck,
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