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I was afraid of this. I have forgotten about making you a wiring diagram from my car with Euro lights. Do you still need it?

If you can find one, there is a vacuum switch that you can put in the dash that gives you four positions for your headlights. You will need a vacuum source to the switch and then some vacuum lines from the switch to the lights. I have this on my Euro 240D. For me it is an excellent thing to have. I drive 20 miles on winding, hilly, narrow farm roads to get to the highway. I use the switch to raise the lights on the farm road because there is no traffic. I then lower the lights a couple of notches when I get to the highway and the traffic.

You might do some research and find the part number of the vacuum switch.

Let me know if you still need the wiring diagram. I apologize for forgetting.

Have a great day,
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