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Can't get that many miles without a lot of time spent on the freeway. Which is a good thing. Have it checked by a MB mechanic for a typical used car purchase. In addition have them lift the valve cover to be sure there's no sludge build up (a sign of poor maintenance and serious problems in the future), have them check for rust everywhere they can see, possible accident repairs, have the engine compression checked, the motor mounts, the brakes, the suspension, exhaust system, along with everything else. Make sure that all the internal devices work - A/C, Radio, all the vacuum switches, lights, etc. If all is okay, go for it understanding that somethings are expensive to fix. MB's are usually good high mileage cars but do require routine maintenance, like everything else. Expected repairs are exhaust systems at about 100K, motor mounts, possible A/C issues, and some minor stuff. Don't know the expected life of the timing chain. You're definitely not looking at an engine or tranny rebuild any time soon, unless a lot of oil consumption becomes evident. Also, search the archives here. You will find useful information.

Good luck!

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