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Hey Everyone...

I just bought some BOSCH clear blinkers for my 92 400E. I bought mine brand new in the BOSCH box from EBAY, but I know Bekker's caries them as well. Make SURE you buy BOSCH and not that crappy "In-Pro" brand. I think at Bekkers they go for $99/pair. I installed mine the other day. They are not like the clear blinkers on the 1995 E class, these are ALL clear, no orange or yellow whatsoever. I also bought some of those "blue" colored bulbs that you can get from an ASIAN rice-rocket "autosports" store for the blinkers. They are twice as bright and dont give off a blue color at all, they are almost HID looking white. Anyway, I hear these blinkers compliment a set of Euro lights really well, so I guess thats next.



Peter Balias
1992 400E
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