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The ones I am using are: 78150 - Replacement H4 (HB2) Bulb, XENON, 60/55W $10.43 Each. The web site describes them as "XENON bulbs that use a mixture of Halogen and Xenon gases to allow the filament to burn hotter, thereby increasing output to 30% over an equivalent Halogen only. The color of the light is altered by the Xenon and is white/blue. For a good technical description, try the Hella New Zealand Web Site at ". I have found them to be whiter than halogen, nowhere nearly as blue white as the $1500.00 xenon light systems. They also have88880 - Replacement H4, 12v, 60/55w (See Below) Optilux
and 88881 - Replacement H4, 12v, 100/80w (See Below) Optilux. They are described as quartz bulbs filled with xenon gas. These bulbs are manufactured in Korea for Hella US. The globe is manufactured from a blue quartz, allowing the bulbs to simulate the color of actual daylight. However,
"in October/November, the quality of the Optilux bulbs fell below the high standards that HELLA demands. We are no longer selling this line of bulbs until the New Optilux bulbs are available".

So for now, the first of the bulbs listed is about as white as you can get with a Hella product. I would love to acquire some of the Philips Vision Plus bulbs from Europe - they are not sold in this country according to their web site Philips Maybe some of the European forum members want to start an export business!

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