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clear indicators

On the blinkers...

When i remove the turn signals in my 92 400e, i just depress the tab (under the hood, in the back of the lamp) and pops forward, then I twist the bulb out

On the super white bulbs...

I have superwhites in the headlights. After recieving my clear turn signals, i kept the stock bulbs in them. With the lights on at night, the darn parking lights STILL looked YELLOW. So, I recalled seeing that super bright turn signal light on all the Japanese cars. I went to a local Jap car tuner here in Houston, called CARBOY, and they had the bulbs. The box is written in japanese or something like that, and there's not even any english writing on it. So therefore, i dont know the brand. The light bulb is blue, but the light it puts out is ABSOLUTELY a very very very bright white. I made him promise me they wouldnt put off blue light. the bulbs were expensive (about 14 bucks APIECE) but I'm serious when I say they were worth it. It complements the superwhites in the headlights and fog lights very well.

On trouble with cops...

I work with plainclothes narcotics officers for the Houston PD, so needless to say, I'll probably never get a ticket. But look at it this way...and I'll tell you from experience, most cops know very little about these laws. They are used to hassling the kids and teens who drive the little rice rockets with all those funky christmas tree colored lights and stuff. If you get pulled over, casually explain it's a Mercedes, it's German, and thats how you bought it from the dealership (thats how they come from the factory). 9 times outta ten, he'll relize he knows nothing about German cars, and it's possible it came like that, and let you go. TRUST ME on that one! Oh, by the way, as long as the light is white and not red or green or blue, etc.

Wow, I wrote a book....or maybe a manual....hehe....Peter
Peter Balias
1992 400E
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