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Success at last

The finale story, after having removed the instrument console, center top and middle consoles and the shifter console I have fixed my interior lighting problems. It might be easier if I just list my findings.
1. Tested all light bulbs, and change ones that looked dark, black or burnt and with no continuity. Changed out 14 bulbs.
2. Traced each wire and circuit back to power beginning, no 12 volts anywhere, as per electrical schematics had 12 volts to the main light switch but no juice from there to cannon plug on the back of the instrument console.
3. Tested instrument console dimmer for operation, check good.
4. Disassembled the back of the instrument console which consisted of 3 different pieces. I found that I had two broken ground solder joints. I re-solderd the ground points, cleaned the inside of the console ( to make it look pretty )and then re-assembled.
5. Removed the main light switch from the dash and check for 12 volts at point K as per wiring schematics, found an open short, after closer inspection I found a cut wire going to point B58 on the switch. Fixed cut wire, and finally had 12 volts a the cannon plug which connects to the instrument console and provides 12 volts the the dimmer switch and all interior lights.

1 week of nighttime fun or about 5 hours of learning, has fixed my problem. Total cost, $7.50 pretty good deal for an 18 year old car and its light bulbs.
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