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Well it happened.
I got rear ended today stopped at a light. Sliding out of control i was hit by a Honda Prelude that had slid for 200ft or so into my rear corner. What a tank i have! Her entire side from the front headlight to just forward of her rear wheel was dented in. The only visible damage to my benz was the tail light was craked and the bumper rub strip was dimpled. My back i feel is tightening up, and will be seeing my doctor Monday. The estimate for my benz was $1050. And it dosent even need a new bumper! Glad no one was hurt however im not messing around with back pain. A lady in the Benz shop had a newer 280 and the same aera of her's was hit but totaly different damage. They really dont build then like they used to! Everyone please leave plenty of clearence between your car and others! Its not worth rushing around when the weather is bad!
My next car will no doubt be another 123!
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