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Traffic Safety Time, Kids!


Glad you're only mildly injured(?) Call an attorney on Monday, AND don't answer ANY questions until you have an attorney representing your case! Even to your own insurance company!

See an orthopedic doctor, and don't mess around! Back injuries can be quite serious! I also recommend a blood test! Have them do a blood panel, and ask them SPECIFICALLY to check for a genetic marker called HLA-B27. This marker determines if you have ANY chance of contracting an rheumatiod arthritic condition called "ankylosing spondylitis" If that blood test comes up positive, email me privately! I can help you more than you could imagine! If it comes up negative, you are very lucky, and I envy you.

All members!!!! Keep a cheap camera loaded with film, or even one of those "one use, disposable" cameras in your glovebox AT ALL TIMES! If you are EVER in an accident, take pictures of the damage to both cars, AND of all of the surrounding terrain, including intersections, stop lights & all traffic signs! Also keep an accident report form from your local DMV in the car, and fill it out completely! Then, when you get home, detail the accident in a word processing document! What time of day? Which direction were you going? What were the weather & road conditions like? What did you notice and/or do prior to the accident? What did you see the other driver do? What was your speed relative to the limit? Detail as much as you can, and then submit this information to your attorneys, and let THEM decide if and how it should be used!

Finally, prior to braking, always pay attention to where traffic is relative to your vehicle, and ALWAYS make a habit of looking in your rear view mirror whenever YOU APPLY YOUR BRAKES!!!! If you see someone about to hit you, you may be able to use an evasive maueuver to avoid being in a collision!

Accidents are way too dangerous not to take seriously!

As the "truckers" like to say, "Keep the shiny side up, and the dirty side down, 10-4?"
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