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Hi Benzman,yes,my mechanic did mention about the fuel pump but according to him,as long as the car doesnt stall when I step on the gas pedal,then the pump should be working alrite.What he meant was that if the RPM needle responds to my depressing the gas pedal,then the pump is ok.But then again,you could be rite.The pump could be malfunctioning intermittenly.

As for the Fuel Pump Relay Switch,I shall go check on that.Is it one of those small rectangular boxes located above the fuses?

The problem with intermittent stalling problems is that there're dozens of causes,which means I must be rather technically inclined,and also have lots of patience to eventually sieve out the actual cause.I guess I'm getting frustrated and so am just dying to rid the problem once and for all,and thus sometimes succumb to the "I-dun-care-how-much-it-cost-but-just-get-it-repaired" mentality.

Nonetheless,thanks for the timely reminder,I shall keep your advice in mind.


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