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Jason M.
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Hey all,

More news in the endless saga. Spoke to Mobil and they acted shocked. The only thing that I can figure is that it was alittle bit of trash left in the valve cover at the dealership during its rebuild ( I let my teenage sister borrow my second car (merc) when her integra was in the shop and she ran over a leaf spring at 2 oclock in the morning.... windowing my beautiful oil pan. Luckily I got my insurance to pay for the rebuild(roadhazard) Afterwards, they were sorry and so was I) Anyways, the cylinder heads (pulled them) and the top of the piston surfaces looked incredibly clean, and it is the tightest engine I've ever seen ( I normally work on small block chevys.... I can hear the groans now). It restored my faith in Mobil, but I'm still alittle leary. Well, I hope that this eases some of your minds. Thanks for all your help,

Jason McNeese
86 300E 88k miles
99 Crew Cab Chevy Dualie
ASE Parts Specialist
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