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Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

The others covered the lump idle quite well, as for the other things....

Are the two windows opposing corners? If so it may just be a bad connection at the fuse, common problem, $10 solution of getting all new fuses. The windows have nothing to do with vacuum.

I guess "poor" acceleration has to be redefined for a car which weighs 3400lbs and gets 83rwhp on a good day. If it is all around pretty slow then it is probably just a fitting/line clogged up, just clean it out and it should make a world of difference. (alda line)

I didn't think the MB-tex (not leather, but nearly indestructible vinyl) would have wear spots.

Tranny shifting hard is a vacuum leak or possibly a bad vacuum valve. Odds are the noise he is talking about is going into and out of first, this happens when not enough vacuum is being sent to the tranny during those shifts.

Where is the oil leak? As long as it isn't the main seals or head then it isn't a very big deal.
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