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I'm glad everyone is okay. What would have happened if you would have been doing sixty.

When I first moved out here in the boondocks fourteen years ago, I was coming home one Spring evening and was almost home, when I was meeting a 1 ton Chevy flatbed, pulling a bale wagon. It started off the road to its right, away from me, thank God. It went through the bar ditch and up into my elderly neighbors yard. He was sitting near the road in a lawn chair. The truck and trailer went right by him, missed him by about three feet. It scattered round bales all over everywhere and tore up at least 100 feet of good fence. I turned around and went back to see if everyone was okay.

We started looking and what happened was that the water pump came apart and it lost the pump belt. When that happened he had no power steering or brakes and about 15,000 pounds of load plus trailer and truck. The outcome in that incident was divine intervention as well. I have been leary of that system ever since.

The good thing was that as people were coming in from work or the fields, they were all stopping to see what they could do to help. One person went to town for a water pump while a couple of others went for tractors. I went for some tools. We pulled the truck and trailer on good ground, while the driver and I started pulling the water pump, someone else loaded the hay back on the truck to clear the road. We had everything ready for the water pump just about the time they got back from town with it. We put it on with new belts, he was lucky it didn't take out the radiator. He was on his way within several hours as if nothing had happened.

For those who have never experienced Southern hospitality and good will, I think this is one of the best examplles of it that I can think of. This gentlemen and my neighbor were both very lucky.

I'm glad you're all okay,
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