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Hi Everyone,

I'm sure this has been discussed to the death of course, but in my situation, I'm not asking about the brand, but rather which lights to get themselves.

For my birthday I'm trying to get the Euro lights. My father called me to ask me what I wanted, I am hinting at the Euro Lights. If he will get them for me, it saves me the money of getting them myself which can be saved towards wheels or suspension.

I have a 1992 300Ce. Should I get the Euro Lights for s 300CE or Should I get the Euro Lights for a 500E. Will the 500E ones fit?

one last question. On the Euro Lights are the fog lights yellow on the regular 300e/400e/300ce etc? The 500E has driving lights or aux high beams in the place of the regular fog lights?

Just want to double check on these things to be sure. Would love to get the 500E Euro Lights if they will fit to get rid of the Yellow fogs. No use for yellow fogs where I live.


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