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LarryBible. I have a question for you regarding Chevron Delo 400, after reading your many posts on how good that oil is I wanted to put it in my
4 cyl. Integra and my 300E. Well I looked at Chevrons web page and they say that it is available in 10W-30, 15W-40 and a couple others, I looked all over town (even the chevron stations) and couldnt find the 10W-30 or even just plain 30 weight. My questions is, would it be ok to use 15W-40 in my 4 cyl Integra? The owners manual reccommends 5W-30 and I have been using Chevron drive clean 10W-30 ever since the cars first oil change. Thanks for your help. Also, for the guy that said after 3000 miles on Mobil 1 tri-synthetic, the oil looked clean but it smelled funny, I think that must be a characteristic of Mobil 1, my parents put it in their Ford crown vic, and when I first checked the oil on it (after about 1500 miles) I said these exact words "it sure does smell funny". It doesnt smell burnt, but it sure does have a strange odor to it.

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