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If you're going to R&R the head yourself, $600 or $700 should cover it. My head had to be welded, straightened and valve job including guides. The guy I use has a reputation for being; slow, expensive and good. He comes through on all three counts. My head with all that work from an expensive shop was $500. The gasket set is about $100 as I recall. Allowing for maybe a drive belt or something that you may feel you need to replace while you're in there, and $700 would be a safe number.

Don't forget to get the special translucent blue goo from MB for the U Seal at the bottom of the upper timing cover.

One other thing, you can leave the intake side manifold in place or disconnect everything and leave it on the head. I chose to leave it in place and it worked great for me. My friend the MB tech says it's six of one and half dozen of the other. He usually pulls the intake with the head.

Good luck,
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