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Thanks to all of you that took time to reply to my information request. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply.
As it turned out the car in question did have a bad airflow meter. Our Baum DataScan does not have a snapshot function but does access live data. Interestingly I had faxed the Bosch Tech Line and mentioned the adaptation value and wondered about the airflow meter. They could only suggest that I compare my values with that of a similar car. This is easier said than done in our shop. As one of you guessed, the adaptation was at 1.31. The voltage signal at idle was only 0.02 volts which seemed very low. However the new unit had the same value at idle, but as I drove the car the adaptation values dropped slowly and I'm guessing approached 1.00? The earlier LH airflow meters have a signal of something in the range of 1.5 volts at idle and its my thought that the later technology uses the lower power consumption to increase durability.
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