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But What About...


Is there any chance that this could be a U-Joint going out? My 300SD has always shifted "hard" and does seem to smooth out somewhat after it warms up. I just had a thorough going over by a local independent garage, and they didn't seem to find that there was anything wrong with the trans, nor did they think that the shifting on my car was unusual.


I also recommend the pre-sales check. Mine cost me 1 hr, @ $78.00, and the owner of the garage was willing to "absorb" the charges if I had a certain amount of the work done by them that they suggested was required. You might also ask the current owner if he would split the cost with you. Or you might be able to work out a deal where you will pay for the inspection if you decide to buy the car, and he pays if you do not. Understanding that your decision would be based upon the outcome of the inspection.

The results of my inspection were quite surprising. To me, the car seemed to be in outstanding condition, but I was amazed what a professional MB tech can find that even someone with a reasonable amount of experience wouldn't. That's why we're so lucky to have access to Steve and the other pros on this forum!
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