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Maybe this has been asked before, sorry for me to ask again.

I am having an 88 W124 260E, for about 9 months now. I just wanna keep this car in good shape, by replacing all the necessary parts when they are due for replacement, during service maintenance.

Just wonder, what is the general "rule" to follow, when (or at how many km/miles of usage) to replace this parts:

1. Engine oil and filter (As we all know, very hot debate! I always replace both at 5,000 km)
2. Air Filter?
3. Fuel Filter?
4. ATF and filter (owner's manual said 30,000 km)
5. Power Steering fluid and filter?
6. Differential oil?
7. Brake fluid?
8. Coolant?
9. Spark Plugs?
10. Other parts? Please include.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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