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I know that you're just trying to be helpful, and thank you for that, but my comments were meant to be facetious.

I KNOW why someone would USUALLY pose that question. My point was that anyone asking me that question after I just told them that the radiator was for an '82 Mercedes 300SD doesn't know Mercedes from BEANSEDES, and they might even be trying to sell me a "one size" radiator.

And just in case anyone wants to bring up the, "they're just following the prompts on their computer screen" argument, I would only see that as yet another example of why I don't want to buy a product from them. I personally don't like dealing with "parts" companies that sell products that they don't know anything about for cars they don't know anything about.

The key is to deal with someone that knows the car well enough NOT to ask irrelevant questions that only serve to erode the customer's confidence in their knowledge of their company's products.

I will now go see if I can find a 1982 Mercedes 300 SD with a naturally aspirated motor and manual transmission...

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