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Sorry, I've never had any personal experience with TYC. I only know about them since I see their lights in some of the Japanese car shops in Vancouver. They seem to be popular with the Japanese car owners. I wasn't aware that they made Euro head lights for Mercedes-Benz until you mentioned them in this thread. However, head lights seem to be a very crucial element of your automobile. If it were me, I would try to fork out the full sum for the Bosch Euro head lights, instead of the TYC's. Although they may be cheaper, I tend to question their longevity. Furthermore, I think the $$$ is worth the peace of mind in knowing that my Bosch stuff probably won't break down on me (hopefully). I would hate the thought of running on the highway in the middle of the night and my head lights suddenly went out. These were the decision factors I had in mind when I selected my Bosch clear indicators, which are obviously much less important than the actually head lights you are shopping for. Either way, I hope whatever you select works out for you in the end! Good luck!
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