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I can't speak for the site owners, but if the guestion you had on your car was titled "Shesa Maka Noise", then a number of people, including technical, attempted to answer your question. One answer was from Steve (Steve Brotherton Continental Imports Bosch Master, ASE Master, L1 27 years MB technician), who I also believe has a degree in engineereing. Maybe it scrolled over to the next page before you saw the answer, or maybe your question about start up pinging was not specific enough to answer without more info, or seeing the car. Or maybe you are asking about a different question than this one that I didn't see.

We should all remember that the techs on this board are volunteering their time, after a full day of work at their paid jobs, while they are also trying to maintain their professional development, start MBWerks, and somewhere in there have a family life. They aren't obligated to do this, or to answer every post. It is free, it is usually great advice, but for someone with my (low) level of Auto technical ability, it can't be a total substitute for my tech. And yes, the site is growing rapidly, so some things may get overlooked, or answered less completely than we members would like. With over 3000 members and 8-10 new members per day, 5 or 6 technical people are going to be pretty busy.

You might try reposting the question so it appears at the top of the list again - the list grows faster every day! Good luck on your problem solving , and thanks again to the people who volunteer their time to help us all out of our problems!


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