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O creature sciocche, quanta ignoranza quella che v'offende?


I for one, am proud of you for admitting your impatience. Unfortunately, sometimes we do let our human slip out, and the accompanying emotions aren't always pretty. We are all guilty as charged, I'm afraid.

Here's some added tips from my experience. First, let your thread ride for awhile, especially over a weekend. Next, read the respondent's "signature". It tells you a lot about who that person is, and you may even find out more about them by clicking on the "profile" icon below their response. It will also help you to get a sense of that member's "personality". And that will develop even further as you read their continued posts. Then, "remember never to bite the foot that stops your grapes". We're all here to learn, share, and to help when we can in our own individual ways. But that doesn't mean we won't or can't disagree and/or offer differing opinions.

Some of us try to be helpful to the best of our ability while waiting for a real tech to read the thread and respond. Very much like first aid while waiting for an ambulance. During that process we may even try to interject a little humor to offset the stress and show that we are friendly.

Now, go back to the "Shesa Makea Noise" post. I think you may be surprised to find at least two or three plausible theories about what the problem might be.
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