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The largest problem from my point of view, with K-jet and KE injection is leaking injectors. This has been a problem with these systems since they were introduced in the mid 70's. The rough start is caused by excess fuel leaking out of the injector and causing an rich cylinder, another problem is that it takes a second or two for that fuel circuit to refill and acheive opening pressure. As far as presurizing new injectors prior to installation, I don't. I have probably installed a thousand or more. However there certainly would be no harm in testing a new injector with the proper solvent. The most important thing to keep in mind is cleanliness. Take the time to blow the dirt from around the injector fittings and leave the caps on until you are ready to screw on the lines. The pressurizing is cleaning out contamination. It would have no effect on the mechanical operation of the injector.
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