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Jason M.
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Vacuum Leak around the Injector Seals

Hey all

I had the same problem in my 300E. I found it to be a very very large vacuum leak coming the round disk like seals that sit between the intake manifold and the injector. The 6 combined, leaked so much vacuum that I could hold a piece of plasic over the air intake and not have the car stall out. Anyways, I replaced the O-rings on the injectors and used a thin bead of black silicone(unnoticable if you use a bit of care not to slop it around) on the underside of the disc shaped(injector) seals that meet up to the intake manifold. I gained about 4 inches of mercury on the vaccuum gauge that way and straightened 90% of the rough idle and rough start problems. As far as pressurizing injectors before installation? I have never heard of that and I sell parts for a living. ( till I get outta law school)

Jason M.

86' 300E 88k miles
99 Crew Cab Chevy Dualie 7.4L
ASE Parts Specialist
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