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One last thing


In case it crossed your mind, don't be afraid to ask what may seem to you a "stupid" question. I ask them all the time on this forum and I'm learning from each and every one of them. Since last October or so, when I registered, I've gotten just one reply to a post that I considered less than appropriate and that one only in terms of tone. The information was very useful, the person who posted seemed just a little bit arrogant and condescending (either that or I misunderstood his sarcasm, which is always possible in this format).

I don't know if this applies, but I've had other engines with a "tick" for awhile upon start-up that quiet down as they warm up or rev higher than at idle. In two cases (a Toyota pickup with an SR5 engine and a Toyota Celica with the same mill) after a valve adjustment, this problem went away. In another case, an oil change did the trick (the car was my first wife's, and she'd apparently not had it serviced for some time before our wedding).

Bon chance.

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