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No W124 diesels around here, only 123s(old and smokeyyyyyy) or the new 203, 210 and 211 CDIs(read very expensive, to buy and run.....).
I am giving up on W113 SLs and going for a 1980 W107 500SL #384 , only 501 built in that year. It has a 240bhp 5 litre K-jet engine with a 2.72 rear end (US cars had 2.47 or higher). Goes like a rocket and drinks like a dipsomaniac...................................
No digital camera so no pics yet.
The 1976 W115 200 soldiers on, had to have the a/c compressor bracket welded to cure cracking and nasty vibrations that snapped the intake/exhaust manifold securing stud. Nasty time consuming job, also found that the right motor mount was dead, the radiator leaks slightly and the center muffler is *empty*!
Have a good week and smoke a few more ricers in Raleigh for me!
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