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Er, this is a *family* orientated forum, Joe.........
The W115 is a bone stock 2 litre 4 banger, I had the center muffler removed just for a lark, not that much more noise inside, but LOUD outside. I could always shove a M110 into it, but the M123 would be a better bet, lighter and almost the same power with dreaded Solex 4A1 carb.
The W107 is way too fast for the urban traffic around here, as drivers take their time to move over, anyway an old Benz cannot possibly blow the doors off a BRAND NEW 86 valve, 4 turbo 4wd Mitsubishi or Honda 2.4, right?!!!
I have already scared old ladies and children with smoking wheelspin from stoplights, plus pushed many *faster*(all small Bimmers are M3 alookalikes here) cars out of the way at 110-120mph on the highway yesterday, arriving way too early at my appointment!!
A speeding ticket is NOT too far away, I fear.
You'll have a good weekend.
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