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THE Final Lowdown

Hi folks,
Here's the lowdown on what happened.

1. The ASR/ABS light went on due to a blown fuse probably due to the air pump pulley melting and shorting out (same fuse).
2. The air pump pulley and bearing were FRIED. came to the rescue by tracking down the parts (all over the country) and shipping them to me ASAP. Thx.
3. The check Engine light came on due to the air pump not pumping and the O2 sensor not seeing a change in richness.
4. The ASR/ABS problem is due to the right front sensor 'going' bad. I'll clean, but tech says I'm buying time.
5. The water temp gauge is back now that the fuse is fixed.
6. The pwr steering pump is back at full pwr. Seems to be fuse related again.

So according to the tech, I'm now left with just a few problems; eng. mounts, belt tensioner, abs sensor, and an undetermined problem with pinging.

Thanks to all of you and especially Benzmac for helping me out.

Joel P. Davis
1992 500SEL
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