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Originally posted by joe p
...However the intercooler really should not be that bad. It's got to be a u-turn style tho'. That and some custom bent stainless and there you have it. I just need to find a effective size. (The one on my hauler is damn near as big as the car!)

Once I do I'll post up, maybe a kit would be in order.

...I've been pondering this mod for my 300 td too. If you type "intercooler" into an E-bay search, you'll return hundreds of potential options. Right now, I'm thinking a Porsche 930 turbo intercooler might do the trick. They're approximately the same engine displacement and should be adaptable to a side-mount application, stuffed into lower right front fender-well. The plumbing will be...uh, interesting, but doable. I disabled the EGR system and removed the airflow meter, which provides much more room to work with the potential inlet/outlet plumbing.

If someone can figure out how to make a front-mount IC work, please let me know, as the plumbing would be much easier to deal with (I think). Where does MB put the IC on the latemodel E300 turbodiesels?
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