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According to my paperwork for the engine replacement from the MB dealer..the part number is shown to be

603 010 31 02 88

This was a rebuilt crated longblock assembly.I think it actually was a rebuilt bottom end with a brand new head.
At the time(Fall 2000) they had engines in stock and mine arrived at the dealer within one day of his order.They were in stock at MB parts warehouse in the Chicago area.
I can't imagine these still aren't available

Also consider suspension work, differentials, transmission, evaps, and other things that you have already done or may need to do. All of these things are $$$$ on a W140
Suspension is not really that bad on a 140..unless you drive the thing into the ground...trnasmission at the dealer is $2500 for a rebuilt unit with a two year warranty...again that may be on the low end...especially the car with the 5 speed automatics that I think are about twice that amount
Evap is expensive...but on my particular vehicle iot has been done twice...both times at MB while with the original owner and another time under my ownership

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