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Location Is Key To This Question...

We're going a little fast here, Rallenti, per favore. :p Please, no flaming folder this time, ok?

All of the answers are good, and correct, but not for this member's question. Kuan is the closest, with local favorite Larry Bible right behind. But re-read the question, ..."is it elf or Wurth or Shell or what?".

Aside from Shell, does anyone recognize the other oils? Of course not, because the poster, "mrsilico", is located in the Middle East, and not here in the US!

So, if it's available to him, Mobil 1 would be great, but Shell and Agip are the ONLY two motor oils used by Ferrari, and are widely available in both Europe and the Middle East...

Oh, and Davis Lo, don't you mean Valvoline? You only really need Vasoline if you take your car to be serviced at the MB dealer! I would recommend a liberal coating prior to speaking to a service advisor...

And viscosity IS quite relative to the degree of protection. Especially at the two temperature extremes that a multi weight oil is designed to operate in.

There are 0W40 oils for use in colder climates that people I know right here in California are using. Remember, the most damage from lack of lubrication occurs to your engine at start-up when the parts in contact with each other under friction are less likely to be getting lubricated! The 0 viscosity allows for rapid flow of the oil to quickly lubricate those surfaces...

Try Mobil 1, It doesn't have any wax or paraffin in it to build up sludge in your engine...

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