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Davis Lo
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I am sorry for the statement but my meaning was that "High viscousity dosen't mean high protection but the other way around" is it clear enough??
What really convinces me is a lab test conducted in Polytec University HK last year about a reserach to compare the premium engine oils which available in the markets with some engine protection stuff like Slick 50...etc.(I knew it because the PHD researcher is my old friend and they didn't disclose it because it involves many 'marketing aspects' and it is for internal use only).What they did was that a aluminium alloy pan was contacted with a ball of the same material motivated in circles by a motor with temp.change range between 0-300 c to see which one is the most protective.
The result was that the pan with Slick 50 (Please note: JUST SLICK 50 ONLY) was worn out the least, then followed by Vasoline (4 times worn more than one with Slick 50 ,Mobile one (6 times ....etc).....
With this test, which way should I go??
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