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My insurance claim was transferred to another claims
office. Just a little bit of history please!!!
In 1995 my car sustained over $11,500 damage due to a
Ford Truck hitting me in the passenger side. It broke
center pillar, destroyed doors, fender and rear quarter
panel, glass front and side etc. This car was in body
shop 66 days. After I got it back it had problems
with window switch, power antenna and the brake and tail
lights. Antenna was replaced along with rear light panel
assembly. I was then sent on my way. Since then fuel
pump relay went out and overvoltage relay was replaced
a little while later.

Enter current times, a while ago I was hit in the left
quarter panel assembly. It seems I encountered a voltage
overload. Center brakebulb was burned out, and only one bulb was on constantly.
Power to it was through ignition switch circuit. All bulbs in back that were out were replaced, brake light switch had to be replaced and some of the climate control ones still
need to be replaced. The cruise control was did not operate. The above problems fixed less the climate control bulbs. The car runs very rough.
New CIS hoses put on, distcap and wires checked.
Also plugs checked. On further discovery the plastic
floor panel was cracked. Somehow it was missed by the
body shop. I found this when looking for shorts after
carpet was pulled up. I replaced panel later with a new one.

The insurance company is reverse engineering this from the
previous accident. In order to compare apples to apples,
only the electrical problems are mentioned.

My question is the latest accident related to past accident in 1995. I know that MBZ can be voltage sensitive. (note:
the battery was toast from the current accident. Replaced
with OPTIMA Battery)

I would appreciate hearing from all, and of course Sr. Members, and TECHS who have experienced electrical
problems after encountering accidents. And again a note
of thanks to all who helped with the CIS and electrical

Perhaps, I can get reimbursement for the parts from
the insurance company, and the TECH appointment that will
be scheduled. I'll call my labor a learning experience.

And of course I found a great bunch of guys willing to

Thanks again,

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