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Shot in the dark

Excuse my buttinski...

I don't know a thing about your model, but if you do a search on this site for threads regarding intermittent stall on 300Es, you might find something applicable to your situation. For what little it's worth, I've contributed some thoughts on the subject of intermittent stall on at least one thread, maybe two, related to the 124. Search for my username (disregard the thread where I went on a rant, please!) and you'll find the thread where I posted a whole list of things that my tech told me might cause intermittent stall in a 300E - some of those things might apply to your model. Not knowing more than what you wrote, my intuition is telling me that your fuel pump relay may giving up the ghost. My car stalled out, started, stalled out a number of times before it finally refused to start again. Happened in a nasty place, too.

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