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Great job on the brake bleeder. I bought one from an ad in the Star magazine that works great. I believe I gave about $44.95 for it. The only thing that it has, that yours does not have is a pressure guage. The small pressure guages are not expensive if you want to go crazy and get fancy.

I only glanced at yours, but as I remember, you have a swivel joint for the filler cap application. The $44.95 one does not. You sort of have to wind up the hose, then thread it on so that the hose is not in a pigtail.

I wish I had seen yours before I bought my $44.95 one. I am glad I have it though. It seems I was always at the mercy of whoever was around that might help me bleed the brakes. Both my kids and my wife are accomplished brake bleeding pedal pumpers.

Have a great day,
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