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I have owned a 82-380SEC for around 8 years. I bought it from a customer who had the timing chain fail at speed and bent about half the valves. Even doing the work myself, it cost me a couple thousand in parts alone. This failure happened at 105K. The proper chain conversion involves complete disassembly of the front of the engine, and knowing these engines as well as I do, I'm sure that the headgaskets need a close inspection. The left one very likely has begun to leak oil at the lower rear corner. That said I still would consider buying this car. However you Must! seek an inspection by a veteran Mercedes Tech. I love my SEC and have driven it about 50K without major problem, but the largest problem with mine is that it's starting to rot around the rear wheel wells. I'm afraid that the proper fix is new quarter panels and ajacent sheet metal. This along with paint work might approach the value of the car, if your numbers are correct. I guess we'll see how much I really love it.
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