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YES! And, Uh, NO...


while I agree with almost everything you said, there is one point I must dssagree with. The silicate, not silicone, or siliputty, is not the corrosion inhibitor component in the antifreeze. The silicate helps to lubricate your water pump and it's seals. The corrosion inhibitor in every green coloured Ethylene Glycol based antifreeze is phosphate. The others are borates, nitrites, and amines. Except for all of the new red, orange, and amber ones which have corrosion inhibitors that are "organic acid based". Mercedes in fact, uses a formulation of corrosion inhibitors that is trademarked and patented by BASF under the name "Glysantin".

For the full scoop check out this archived thread:

Coolant RED vs. GREEN

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