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Last Saturday I had the opportunity to use a boroscope on JCE's 300E to check the condition of the foam gasket on the A/C door. In the course of scoping this out, I spotted what appeared to be a UV or ozone light in the bottom of the main box. Is anyone familiar enough with the 124 A/C system and duct work to know what this light was.

I don't think it was sunlight entering the system through the defrosters. This light appeared to be coming from a bulb of approximately the shape and size of a small flourescent tube. The color was reminiscent of the ozone lights that were mounted in clothes driers way back when.

Help. This is beginning to bug me, and it's not even my car.

Hey, maybe that's what it is John, a bug zapper for dust mites. Oh wait, not in your duct work, it's too clean.
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