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I agree with Larry. You will spend money hand over fist, making an abused/neglected car nice. I drive a 1989 560SEL, and it is a nice one, but I have spent well over $2000 in parts to bring it to great condition.
any ticking in the rockers? new rockers arms are $20 each, and the hydraulic compensators are up there too. Plus the tool to pull the rocker arms costs money.
timing chain, cam sprockets and rail replacement - $800 -$1200 at shop
front end work? could run $1000 easily at a shop, replacing everything and then align.
Rear suspension - accumulators, any leaks in hydraulic lines, etc. (fluid is $24 a liter!!)
A/C repairs - don't ask! check the high pressure hoses off the compressor for oily residue. The dual hose off the compressor is $350 itself I think! Then add 3 lbs of R12, unless you want to convert it. evaporator repair is a big dollar item, although not common in that car.
brakes - $45 - 50 a rotor, and pads are fairly reasonable. But if you pay someone to do it, expect to spend real money.
heat - monovalve repair kit <$20. installation - $??
exhaust - Is there rust there? I do not consider rust, as most of the cars here are clean. (I am spoiled by never breaking loose a rusted bolt in Florida) the exhaust system is a big item to replace if rusted.
Sunroof repairs - bridge angle kit is cheap - $200 I think? never did it myself. but again a shop will charge you to do it.
Belts, hoses, new fluids, misc things you will have to do right away. I guessed about $200 on mine.
Dumb question - do you own metric tools? add some dollars for that. Then remember to research the special tools for jobs like the timing chain and rocker arms.

$8300 sounds like a deal for a 560SEC. Keep in mind, MBenz cars SELDOM end up in junkyards....
If you can fix things, great, but if not, be cautious! It adds up fast!
Good luck and have fun!
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