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Re: The best oil

Thank you for the link - this constant talk about "every 3000 miles or else" and "don't worry about 7000-10000 mile drain intervals, you'll only get sludge" represent a very conservative approach at best and unsupported anecdotal heresay at worst.

BMW has had variable service intervals since the early 80's and now the other manufacturers are going that route including MB (err should I say DC). While certainly our highest priority is to prolong the life of our beloved MB motors, I feel we should be open to the currently accepted engineering wisdom as well as understand the ramifications - both on our pocketbook as well as the environment - of rushing out every 3000 miles to change our oil ....

My $0.02 - thanks for the bandwidth!

Mobil 1 15w50 year round ('less its *really* cold)
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somewhat extended drain intervals
verified by oil analysis

Originally posted by Tom Hock
After reading this paper you may not feel guilty about extending your oil change intervals considerably.
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